Escape to Cala Galdana on Menorca

"Ciutadella, Menorca" © 2011 Freebird, used under a Creative Commons Attribution

If you think that escape-type holidays are restricted to long-haul destinations then Cala Galdana villas and Menorca might well be able to surprise you.


Firstly, tranquillity is very easily achieved in most parts of the island. Unspoilt and in some cases, entirely untouched beaches are to be found all around Menorca. It’s really only in the centre of the two large towns that you’re likely to find things remotely busy – though of course some of the most popular beaches might be busier at the height of the peak season.

Then there’s the question of resort sizes. Some resorts on the island, including many of the Cala Galdana villas, have been custom designed but they were constructed entirely with the intention of maintaining low-population densities. As a result, many of the resorts have an air of discerning quality that is hard to find elsewhere in many Mediterranean destinations.

Of course, it’s possible to get too far away from it all and you might sometimes yearn for a little more to do. If so, you won’t be disappointed in Mahon or Ciutadella – the island’s two major towns. The former is the capital and has a distinctly 18th century British feel to it – which is when the British made it the capital and a base for the Royal Navy.

By contrast, Ciutadella feels much more Medieval and Spanish – but equally worth a visit if you’re looking for culture.

So, Cala Galdana villas just might offer you the best of both worlds – an escape and an escape from escape if and when you need it!

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