Selecting Menorca and Cala Galdana Villas for Your Holiday

"Cala Galdana Menorca" © 2006 Gavin Hill, used under a Creative Commons

If you’re struggling to think of somewhere ‘different’ for your holiday, why not consider the island of Menorca and, specifically, Cala Galdana villas?

Now perhaps you’re starting to think ‘ho-hum, another Med island’ but if so, you’d be mistaken. This small Balearic island isn’t at all like its larger neighbours of Mallorca and Ibiza. It is small, relatively undeveloped and retains much of its original culture and charm. That hasn’t happened by accident – the island’s authorities have adopted a deliberate policy of maintaining low-demand and sustainable development since the 1960s. So, you’ll find superb but untouched and undeveloped beaches, local markets, a unique Menorcan cuisine and a discerning visitor environment that might well appeal if you’d like to leave the ‘partying’ to others.

Then there is Cala Galdana itself. Some local people call it the “Queen of the Calas” because of the beauty of its cliff-lined bay. The beach is superb but what makes it particularly attractive to more demanding visitors is not just its beauty and modest size but its culture and the range of lovely Cala Galdana villas available to rent.

The emphasis here is on sophisticated relaxation, quiet couples and families. If you’re looking for happy hours, 24-hour partying and riotous teenage exploits, then you’ll need to think about going elsewhere.

In a nutshell, that explains why Cala Galdana villas are popular with those demanding just a bit more from their holiday destination. Why not come and find out for yourself?

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