Walking on Magnificent Menorca

"Cala Macarella, Menorca" © 2009 Paul Stephenson, used under a Creative Commons

Known as the smaller and often quieter little sister to the Spanish island of Majorca, there are few places that combine stunning vistas and relaxation like Menorca. Holidays to the island allow you to spend your days on the beaches (whether you like the rocky or the sandy varieties) relax in a spa or on the golf course, or even go for a walk and get to explore a bit more of the island’s natural beauty and history.

No matter what your fitness levels are or where you are staying on the island, there is a walk for you on Menorca. Holidays to the island can see you staying in the towns or out towards the rural areas, but regardless of where you choose to bed down, you can certainly take yourself off for a short walk. If you find yourself near the western coast, begin in Cala Galdana and head north to Cala Maracella and stroll through the woods until you come to what seems like a deserted cove, made just for you. Or, begin at Cala Galdana and wander southwards to Cala Mijtana where the wooded path suddenly opens up to the sandy beach. The caves set into the cliff face along the way provide an unforgettable backdrop, just 20 minutes from your starting point.

For longer walks on Menorca, holidays are the perfect time to give fitness a go – with any luck the habit will stick when you get home! Head up to the northern part of the island and begin outside Cuitadella and go north. The eight-kilometre sea path that leads to Cala Morell will take you slowly up and up, and you can experience the amazing views over the water before relaxing in the village of Morell at the end of your journey.

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