Top Beach Advice for Your Menorca Holiday

"Cala Santa Galdana, Menorca" © 2009 Paul Stephenson, used under a Creative Commons

Here are a few bits of general advice about the beaches you’ll encounter on your Menorca holiday.

  1. Locations – beaches exist all around the island (naturally!) and you’re never likely to be far from one.
  2. Coasts – the beaches on the north coast are beautiful but, perhaps on the whole, a little rockier and wilder than those on the south. They are also a little more subject to wind.
  3. Beach types – some are larger and busier beaches, such as Son Bou.  Others are smaller and horseshoe in nature, such as Cala Galdana and Cala Mijana. All are simply gorgeous.
  4. Access – some beaches are wilder and only accessible on foot or by boat. Some of the more isolated beaches might involve a significant walk but they’re worth the effort, though it’s perhaps not suited to those with limited mobility. Some beaches also have limited and controlled parking in order to reduce the environmental impact (e.g. Cala Algaiarens). Get to those earlier in the day if you’re on your Menorca holiday in the peak season.
  5. Facilities – most larger beaches will have a selection of cafés and bars but the smaller ones may have little or nothing. Check in advance and take your own supplies with you if necessary.
  6. Safety – on smaller beaches there might not be supervision or safety indicators so check in advance with local experts. Obey the safety flags on larger beaches, just as you should on any beach anywhere in the world.

A Menorca holiday is ideal for beach lovers, as the island claims more beaches than Ibiza and Mallorca combined. Enjoy your holiday and soak up the charm of the beautiful Mediterranean.



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