The Menorca Holiday – Things as They Were

"Atardecer Son Bou Menorca" © 2012 adox2010, used under a Creative Commons

Some people say it’s impossible to find an authentic Mediterranean holiday in this modern, fast-paced day and age. But we don’t think that’s true at all when you decide on a Menorca holiday!

By authentic, people would have to mean pre-mass tourism, and that takes us back to the mid-1960s. While the island has certainly moved with the times in terms of amenities and accommodation, from the moment you arrive on your Menorca holiday, you’ll see things here are just a little different here.  Even in the more developed resorts you’re not going to find concrete jungles and acres of steel. Some beaches have strict limits for the number of cars that can be parked in the area and some aren’t even accessible by car at all. Even the island’s largest beach, at Son Bou, has controlled access via a number of points in order to protect the location’s unique dunes and wildlife.

Wandering around the streets of Mahon or Ciutadella will take you back to a very different world, too. Restaurants, bars, cafes – yes, they’re all here, but they’re understated and incorporated in to a charming environment.  These towns manage to be bustling at times without becoming international.

Can the island become busy at the height of the season? Yes but not overpoweringly so and it’s typically easy to escape to quiet corners even then. So, a real, “authentic” Balearic experience is indeed possible on a Menorca holiday because the island has spent 50+ years ensuring that it doesn’t lose its soul.  You’ll find it still there and waiting for you!


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