Getting Around Menorca on Your Holiday: Top Tips

"Bus and hotel" (Son Bou, Menorca) © 2007 jf1234, used under a Creative Commons

Menorca is not a particularly large island, and as a result you can get around and see lots of it without too much difficulty. Still, it is best to know a bit about how to travel before you arrive in Menorca. Holidays here are wonderful because you can see lots of the island no matter where you stay due to the ease of getting around. Here are some tips to help you out.

Catching Buses

Buses are a great way to get around Menorca. Holidays on the island can allow you to stay in one resort or town and then catch buses to all of the other major towns with ease.Buses are affordable and easy to use. They are very convenient and you will not have to rent your own vehicle if you just want to travel between the main areas in Menorca. However, make sure you find a timetable because you may find that some buses do not run a service for some hours during the afternoon.

Driving a Car

If you do not want to catch buses and would rather the convenience of renting a car, it’s no problem on the island. You will have the freedom to get to smaller places where buses may not travel regularly, so if you want to go exploring then a car is the way to go.
Remember that you have to drive on the right-hand side in Menorca, though, and you should always keep your documents on you, including your passport and your driving licence. Speed checks are common, and if you do get caught speeding you could be given a large fine.


Taxis are particularly useful for travelling around the towns. They are reasonably good value when you are going from A to B in a large town such as Ciutadella, but if you want to travel between towns then a bus is a more affordable option.

Travel All Over Menorca

Travelling around is easy on Menorca. Holidays here are perfect for exploring because of its compact size, and getting around is half the fun!

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